Car Dreaming Story II

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At the time when Ryoji Yamazaki, the creator of Lamborghini Sogna, aimed to be a car designer, there was not any car design school.  He studied car design by delving deeply into nature such as dinosaur skeletons, the form of minerals, and historic buildings and so on.  In this way, one of the designs which was later named “Lamborghini Sogna” was created in unique two-fraction design of top and bottom. He carried that scale model all the way to Italy.  At long last, he made a contract with the Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A and founded his affiliated firm in Italy. As the CEO and also assumed designer, he created the actual car “Sogna” and the show model “Vera” which were exhibited at the major international exhibition such as Torino International Motor Show.  After he came back to Japan, his passion has never cooled down. This blog is going to tell you the way to the next futuristic super car developing.

This picture, painted when Ryoji Yamazaki was 18, looks like his future vision including himself, struggling with super-car developing as an entrepreneur and car-designer, concurrently. (c)2017 Ryoji Yamazaki, All Rights Reserved.

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