• born in City of Ako, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
  • Graduated Kyoto Saga University of Arts, school of Western Painting.
  • 8th Masters Tokyo Exhibition Award International Academy Award (Japan Culture Promotion Association)
  • International friendship culture Award (34th Sin Nihon Bijituin)
  • Grand Prize (25th International HAM Exhibition)
  • Liberal Democratic Party President Award (35th Sin Nihon Bijituin)
  • Doctor of Arts

Activity Log

1987   In Fuji Sankei Group sponsored “Dream Factory 87”, as “Yamazaki Ryoji World”, design pictures and car models were exhibited.
1988   Tokyo Custom Car Contest Design Department Award received.
1990   In Italy, designed and built up Lamborghini Sogna. For manufacturing, established own Carrozzeria in Torino, Italy.
1991   In 61th Geneva International Motor Show, Lamborghini Sogna was exhibited.
At Meguro Musium of Art, Tokyo, “Ryoji Yamazaki’s Lamborghini Sogna” exhibition.
In Frankfurt International Motor Show, Lamborghini Sogna was displayed.
In Kyoto Transfer of the Capital 1200th festival “Kyoto International Design Festival”, presented “Car Evolution” with Lamborghini Sogna.
1992   In 62th Geneva International Motor Show exhibited (repeated).
In 64th Italy (Torino) International Motor Show’s main stage design forum, Lamborghini Sogna real car and next generation 4 seats sports car “Vera” specially exhibited.
Adopted as TV AD for Pioneer Car navigation system “Carrozzeria”.
1993   At Yokohama Art Museum, the lecture and workshop on car design.
1994   Research and preparation started for the establishment of Car Design Museum.
1995   New concept mid-range car design and development started.
1998   One of the new concept cars, 4 seats mid-range sports car “Azura” design and development.
“Azura” external design completed (1/4 scale model).
1999   Movie picture “The Car Designer” scenario writing.
2000   ART and TECH Company preparation started.
“Sogna Making of Dream” started to write.
2001   New concept car ALIEN-EV basic design.
2002   On a car magazine “ROSSO”, started to publish “Sogna Making of Dream”.
2003   ART and TECH company established.
Received the Liberal Democratic Party President Award (35th Sin Nihon Bijituin),
2004   At Ginza Tokyo, Gallery Yamazaki Ginza opened. (It is closed now.)
2008   At Shibaura Institute of Technology, “Car Making Story” lecture.
Next generation super sports car ALIEN-EV design and development started.
2010   ALIEN project started.


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