[3] Packing

At that time, I had an opportunity to meet Mr. Y. I showed him some of my car design sketches and models and expressed my idea.

He was so impressed with my passionate and strong will to make a super car in Italy. He promised me to support.

At the same time as my tour plan, he also planned to go for a business trip to Italy to make an arrangement with a local design company for a joint project. He offered me to meet in Italy and introduce me some of his clients and the persons he knows.

After the tour, I stayed few days at hotel to wait for him.

Not as a tour participant, Mr. Y provided me an opportunity to visit some famous carrozzeria like Pininfalina and Bertone, my favorite and yearning firms. They had been producing the famous car designers such as Giugiaro, Gandini etc. He introduced me to the top managements of those carrozzeria.

As long as I took such a chance, I determined myself to show some of my design sketches. And if possible, my design would be adopted by the top managements of those design companies.

I also determined that I would never come back without bringing any fruits from them.

I started to pack some sketches and renderings which could appeal myself to them.

What made me confused was the FRP design model.

Even 1/5 scale model, 50 cm size model was big enough to hand carry.

I discussed with Mr. Y how I should treat these two different shapes and color models.

I asked him hesitatingly.

[Is it OK to bring only some paper design sketches, or shall I bring one bigger model?]

He simply answered to me.

[Bring them all!]

He said to me.

[Not only the paper design sketches, but also actual scale models are better to make them imagine and impress.]

[Two is better than one!]

Finally, I agreed to his opinion to bring two models.

I had to pack these models with care.

I packed two pretty daughters into the wooden boxes, filling with soft packing materials, and nailed the lid of each box carefully.

Two 1.2 meters size big wooden boxes (my pretty daughters) were prepared at the hotel room at night.

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