[5] Torino Airport

When I arrived at Torino Airport, most of the tour participants passed smoothly in the immigration. But, I was stopped by the immigration officer.

[What is this?]

[What is this made from?]

Of course, they pointed out two big wooden boxes.

[These are car design models which are made of FRP.]

I said and showed them by shaking the boxes.

Finally, they asked me to open these boxes.

I explained about the contents and tried not to open it.

After some arguments, finally I followed them to open for checking the contents.

After they found out the FRP and plastic adhesives in the box, they asked me again.

[What is this? ]

I showed one tire of the model and showed the inside. Then they asked me again to show other side of the model.

I had no idea why they persisted and were scrupulous in details.

As I expected, they were suspicious about the drug.

It seemed that it was a mean to hide skillfully in an artistic handicraft article.

At the moment, I couldn’t imagine their drug suspicion and countermeasure.

In the meantime, all the passengers had passed the custom inspection and were waiting for me in the airport limousine bus.

As long as I was not released from them, the bus couldn’t depart to the hotel.

Almost one hour later, I could ride on the bus which was fulfilled by the other people’s annoying and tired eyes.

That was the first shower I’ve had in Torino.

I admitted that it was not the smart beginning of the tour.

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