[10] Designer and Artist

Three minutes.

It was so long three minutes.

They didn’t come back for more than 20 minutes.

At last, they returned and said.

[We were discussing about how we should treat you and your masterpieces.]

The chief designer said.

[Mr. Yamazaki, your masterpieces are fine art indeed. You are the real artist. We are expecting to create such a car design like yours.]

He continued.

[Bertone doesn’t allow us to make such a type of car like yours.]

They started to criticize their company.

I was so shocked to hear that kind of internal story.

He continued his story.

[This company had never allowed us for such a creative design with the free mind. They always asked us to make a round shape one into a square shape, or a square shape into a round one in return. The top management always expects the authentic car design which is not impressive and does not inspire the people.]

[As you are the real free minded artist, you should not be assigned to work as a car designer in this company.]

The chief designer of my yearning Bertone said to me.

[That’s ridiculous. I’ve been yearning this company, “Bertone” which has been producing very beautiful, splendid designed cars to all over the world.]

I said to him.

[What you tell me about is an old story. That was a good time like Giugiaro and Gandini had created the good designed cars. Now, our company is interested in a good design of which only produces a big money. They only allowed us a profitable job.]

Actually, Bertone produces only the boring, simple and practical car and the old time vivid design models were not delivered to the car market in the world at that moment.

He continued.

[I also want to be like you to create the car freely. When you come to this company, you’ll be crushed.

Because assigning to such a big car design company means that you are involved into the organization that kills your free and vivid mind of design.

Only those who can swim well among the organization or, who has a different kind of mind of what we call the business minded can survive in such a big company.

You are the different type of man, I am sure. You are the real artist. Your fountain of the design will surely be crushed by such people.

Fortunately, in Torino, there are so many places like small carrozzeria, car designer studios, galleries and so on.

So, as you can draw such a good and creative rendering design, as your talent has been proved, you should care to draw the design sketches in details and put it in the flame, then open at the gallery. Yes, you should open the private exhibition in Torino!]

[You can expect a lot of people to come and buy your design. If you are interested in starting as an artist, I’ll be glad to help you to introduce some of fine galleries in this area.]

That was an unexpected offer to me.

In my first plan, it would be better for me to work as a car designer in Bertone. As there were so many restrictions in Japan, the opportunity might be given by them to demonstrate my talent sufficiently.

The manager said.

[That is his personal opinion. Don’t care about what he says. You can bring your design sketches directly to me.]

They showed the internal conflict.

I couldn’t evaluate what they said to me was good sign for me or negative sign.

So, many times in my life, I’ve experienced such a case that people reputed me good enough and caused the following confusion.

After all, my design sketches could succeed to please both of them, though their reaction were quite different.

Manager said to us.

[Let’s have dinner and talk over tomorrow night.]

We accepted his proposal to have a dinner with Mr. Y and an interpreter next evening.

According to the European way to invite a guest for a dinner, he brought his wife.

He told me again as he did last night.

[He (the chief designer) mentioned his opinion to you. But from now, please show your car design or rough sketches directly to me.]

If I agreed his proposal, I must have the guilty feeling to the chief designer, and if I don’t follow him, it will surely make him offended.

As they were both serious to me, I wanted to comply their expectation. However, their opinion was opposite.

At the moment their opinion made me confused and I couldn’t conclude in a short time.

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