[16] Lamborghini

When we arrived at “Lamborghini”, there was a front gate and had a security check.

They inspected our luggage, a staff guide led us to the main building.

After few minutes in the lobby, Mr. Sugarcci, the grand manager of sales division and the chief designer came to meet us.

The chief designer looked like a German and both of them were big and tall (over 1.85m high).

I supposed that the average Italian was not so big and tall but they were out of the average.

Their attitude at the first time was, as same as I experienced before, seemed unsociable, suspicious and arrogant.

[What’ the matter with you ?]

This time, I felt at ease to meet them as Mr. Coggiola and an interpreter were with me and ready to introduce myself.

In my impression, through the experience of “Bertone”, “Coggiola”, ”IDEA”, I could imagine those two people would show the same attitude. Why we should meet such a yellow monkey from Japan. It is troublesome. But in order to get credit from Mr. Coggiola, it was enough to treat them suitably.

After showing the design sketches and scale models, as same as most of the people reacted, they would change their attitude.

However, their style was far from it.

Although our purpose was conducted by Mr. Coggiola’s prior arrangement, they kept silence while we met each other.

At first, Mr. Coggiola started to explain about our purpose.

[Then, show me.]

He said bluntly.

I opened two scale models on the desk. But they still didn’t change their style.

Few moments later, they started to criticize.

[It is so hard to make this design into the real car.]

[Even if it is not too bad, we know it!]

[The reason I come with him is to realize this model into a real car!]

Mr. Coggiola refuted it.

[You don’t have to care about such a detail condition that is the position of head light, mounting of mad guard, the height of the car and so on. That’s enough! You know, I am a professional!]

He said excitedly.

[I shall clear such a tiny matter!]

He hurled defiance against them with a terrible angry look.

When I saw him, I agreed with his opinion and felt his idea was reasonable.

He was really a professional of the professionals.

At that moment, I had no obvious experience as a car designer. I was merely an unpolished one.

He detected me as a skillful car designer only in such a short time. By his professional eyes, he evaluated me that I could be a genuine jewel.

He overlapped his memory to me as he used to work at the design company “GHIA”.

He said continuously.

[I am confident to clear a tiny legal restriction or any other problems to make this car by collaboration with your company.]

[You don’t need to claim about such a problem indeed.]

I was so impressed about his counterargument and glad to get the real supporter.

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