New beginning

Hello, everyone.  It’s been a while. This is my long-absent blog post. Starting this month, I would like to tell you about the making story of my new super car which is from my own ideas in this blog.

Car Design Art, by Ryoji Yamazaki (when he was 19)

#B01P01 Car Design Art, by Ryoji Yamazaki (when he was 19)

When I first thought about making a supercar, I was in my mid-teens. Before that, I liked radical things such as a jet fighter, a submarine, a warship, a tank and so on. One day when I was in elementary school, my mother took me to the hospital as I caught a cold.  She praised me for my patience because I did not cry when I was injected and then she asked me what I wanted for the reward. So I asked her to get a specialized magazine for aerophile called “Koku-jouhou”, at the bookstore.  I was absorbed in reading that book, not a picture book nor a cartoon in spite of the elementary school boy.  As for a car at that time, sports cars are very few like Porche.  I felt the design was like a toy and it was not enough for me.  I was often asked as an adult, if I had liked cars since my childhood.  Actually, cars were not enough to satisfy me when I was a child.  I rather liked a jet flighter.


Ryouji Yamazaki with Giorgetto Giugiaro

#B01P02 with Giorgetto Giugiaro in Geneve

Such a child opened his eyes when he met artistic car designs of “Giugiaro” and “Gandini”. I was inspired by them and then I was going to devote myself to creating my new design form.

VERA Making

#B01Vera Making VERA

Since then, for more than half a century, I have been continuously aiming at making ultimate sports car design until now.  Though I tried some other things because of various environmental changes or offers, basically I have continuously creating innovative car design.  When I look back now, I am impressed by having kept my motivation these half-century.

Car Design Art, by Ryoji Yamazaki (when he was mid-20)

#B01P03 Car Design Art, by Ryoji Yamazaki (when he was mid-20)

Looking ahead to coming 20 years, I have been thinking and designing more powerful and more beautiful electric super car powered by clean energy these several years. In the future post, I would like to show you the related draft sketch. I would be happy if you enjoy those pictures.

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