#B02S 2 seated super car by Yamazaki

I drive CLS500 of the Mercedes-Benz which is one design before current CLS and my favorite design in this brand.  The exterior of my car is dark green and the car seat, the interior is flesh color or reddish-brown.  I really love these color combinations.

The other day I went out for an errand from my home in the base of the Mt. Amagisan.  When I stopped by a convenience store in Futo, my neighboring town, on the way back to my home, I noticed that one of the rear tires has gone flat.

kindful young men driving sports cars in Izu, Japan


As I am a designer and not an auto mechanic, I had to bring out my tire repair tools reluctantly and I was just going to change to a spare tire.  Then 2 young boys came near and asked, “Have you got a flat tire?”  I said “Yes.”  One of the guys kindly asked me if I needed some help as he had a jack.  I deeply appreciated that.  After a while, sports cars of Honda and Toyota came alongside respectively.  They brought a jack and some other repair tools and they changed to a spare tire for me immediately, getting their hands dirty.  They were very kind!  I exchanged the contact information with them and found out that they were in 20’s who lived in my nearby town.  I felt very happy to meet the kind, gentle and fine young men.  Thanks to them, I had to remember the good sides of the Japanese.



I would like to build a carrozzeria which means a design factory, of a currently creating EV(electric) super car in Izu highland where I live, as I noticed there were such young guys.  I kept in my mind that in the future I would like to ask them if they were interested in working with us as staff members.  It is said that young people these days in Japan tend to avoid using cars.  However, I believe there are still many young car lovers.  This encounter was when I went out for a meeting about a plan of building a carrozzeria and I thought this fate meant for this to happen.  I highly appreciated their kindness.

#B02I Car Design Illust (C)Ryoji Yamazaki

I couldn’t be happier if I would work with dreams together with these young people in the future.  On that day I really enjoyed driving in the fresh green in Izu highland due to this encounter.

Though I posted a blog to a certain level of generation in the past, I would also like to tell to younger generation as well from now.

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