Work Left Undone

Sogna Making

#By001 Sogna Making

I have work left undone.  At first, I intended to create limited –production of 30 “Lamborghini SOGNA” super cars, and to develop later the “Vera” followed by luxury sports cars of my original design one after another.

Sogna Making

#By002 Sogna Making

However, due to the 1992 Gulf War, a luxury car was deemed as an unfavorable item because the fuel consumption of it was not good.  I faced no choice but to stop the plan, influenced by world trends.


Sogna Front

By003 Sogna Front

After returning from Italy to Japan, I have been continuously aiming at creating an ultimate sports car.  At any rate, it must be the best in the world.  I do not have any interest other than that.  The best design in the world requires following conditions.

  1. The most beautiful and attractive design in the world.
  2. An excellent performance car
  3. The most innovative technology
  4. Unmatched uniqueness
Car Design Art by Ryoji Yamazaki

#ByC001 Car Design Art by Ryoji Yamazaki

Based on these elements, it might seem impossible when it comes to actual creation.  However, this is what I, Ryoji Yamazaki, aiming at.  I would like to accomplish what seems impossible because this is my main purpose and I get highly motivated from this.


In general, many people tend to seek reassurance or security, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry.  Even so, I started moving on to this exciting path as “Yume No Katachi II”, which means to realize a dream.  Anyhow, I am pleased to tell you about the world’s best and unique dreaming adventure in detail.  On top of that, I would like to show you and release a sketch, a rendering and so on, except confidential one on this blog.

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