Strong Sunshine in May


20170531SR いつもの山林散歩道


Izu-Kogen, or Izu Highland where I live is a region richly endowed with nature. I really love nature.
So, it is obviously the best place for me where I can relax and concentrate on my work.

伊豆 アトリエの前庭



My atelier here in Izu highland is 320 meters high. On a nice day, I go for a walk through greenery, listening to the birds called Japanese nightingale singing.
The last weekend of May, it was really refreshing weather but the sunlight was strong just like a summer day.


I enjoyed driving to Shirahama in Shimoda, white sandy beach,
and Numazu along the shore. Especially the bright sunset of Suruga Bay as seen from Numazu was really impressive.
Therefore, this time I would like to show you some pictures of the nature-rich neighboring area.


20170531S 沼津から駿河湾の夕焼けを望む

20170531CA ゆったりしたひと時

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